How to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Potential home buyers want to be impressed when they view your property. Here are a few ways to ‘wow’ them and get the best return on your home.

Entryways and Hallways

Clear the clutter and tidy the area. Place an attractive ‘welcome mat’ on your floor to make your house look inviting and chic. Fresh flowers on a hallway table also add a nice touch. Artwork, ambient lighting, wall sconces and great architectural details also make your entryways and hallways attractive.

Living Rooms/Family Rooms

Use accent pieces such as pillows, cushions, throws, flowers, plants and so on to make the space appealing. Arrange furniture to so that it’s conducive to ‘living activities’ such as watching TV, reading, relaxing for long periods of time, entertaining guests and so on. If possible, place smaller sofas and mirrors in the living spaces to make your rooms look bigger. Remove excess furniture. Draw the curtains and blinds and let the light shine in! Use lamps to brighten dark corners.


Kitchens should be spotless! Your cupboards, pantry and floor should be clean. Discard spoiled food from your refrigerator. Ensure that your countertops, stovetop and burner trays are all clean. The sinks should be spotless and the faucets should be in excellent working condition.

Dining Rooms

Consider your wall treatment. Is it dated? Is the wallpaper too colourful? Painting your walls a neutral shade might make your dining area seem roomier and enticing to a potential buyer. A nice chandelier and a great table set would also do the trick.


Your bathrooms should sparkle! The countertops, fixtures, basins, tubs, toilet bowls should be very clean. A new soap bar, clean shower curtains, rugs, neatly hanging towels also reflect well. All of the faucets and fans should be in excellent working condition. Remove personal items from your medicine cabinets.

Other Areas

Remember to repair broken switches and cover exposed wiring. Vacuum or sweep carpets, tiles, hardwood floors and so on. Repair chipped or broken screens, latches, windows, doors and locks. Toys should be neatly stored. Pet areas should be free of odour. Don’t forget to organize and clean your basement, attic, furnace room, storerooms and garage.

Exterior areas should be in good condition too! Clean eavestroughs and downspouts. Repair gates and fences. Driveways and walkways should be clear. Lawns, flower beds, trees and hedges should be pruned. If you follow the above tips you have a better chance of getting your house sold!