The Sylvia Morris Team is in the Top 1% for Century 21 Canada

35 Years Experience

"We want to thank you for all your wonderful assistance. Without your tireless effort we would still be waiting for a buyer. You’re great!" The Rues
“Sylvia was a pleasure to work with. She worked diligently until our old home was sold and gave us the confidence we needed at that time." Diane & Bill Hough
“With Sylvia’s expertise and confidence she was able to sell my house and found me a lovely new property as well.” Donna Nitchie
"Thank you for the work and experience you have brought to the purchase of our heritage home in Unionville. You have impressed us with your professionalism." Ron Minken
“We chose Sylvia because of her extensive experience in Markham. She gave us confidence in her ability as our agent, and that made all the difference." The Huggins Family
“I chose Sylvia for her professionalism, knowledge of historical homes in Unionville, and her successful record. [She] was the best and only choice I would consider." Angelika Zammit


“This crazy, wonderful lady was a go-getter right from the start. She set up open houses quite often, was always available to answer all our questions, came to us when we couldn’t get to her, was both kind & thorough in all her dealings with the sale. Great attention to detail & obviously used her wealth of experience to all hours in the evening as needed, amazing what she could accomplish with her cup of green tea & a muffin in hand. My mother-in-law was safely guided through all the twists & turns it took to sell her home of 72 years. From the whole family”Anita Marie Weatherhill
"Sylvia is a true real estate professional. She knows how to set expectations, prepare the house for the sale, deal with issues and problems and communicates very well. We will not hesitate to recommend her." Mario & Madeleine
"Sylvia was very knowledgeable and very highly recommended by a close friend. Our home sold within 9 days of listing. We are very pleased." Marion & Graham Martin



"Due to the complexity of the sale, Sylvia may have encountered more challenges to overcome than she would have historically. Having said that, she was up for the challenge and took on most of the day to day rather than hand it off to others to complete. In spite of many points of stress, she was always professional, courteous and positive and she worked to the very last minute while out of the country on a training course to ensure the sale closed." Carolyn Marie Bick  
"Sylvia Morris did a great job of selling our house. After living in it for 34 years and raising a family in it, she helped us focus on our ultimate goals and arranged the right mix of staging, photography, video, marketing and online presence to sell our house in just two days on the market. We'd definitely recommend Sylvia to sell your house."    The Nelsons, Thornhill





  "She was always available for my questions and needs." Maria Louis Petrlli
  "Sometimes, you look back at key turning points in important events in your life. Before we had selected Sylvia as our agent, my daughter looked at her picture and said 'Dad, just go with Sylvia. She has kind eyes, she looks like she cares for her clients, and will want to do the best for them'. I am glad we did just that. I saw Sylvia in her professional elements when we got multiple bids and observed how she handled the process. I noticed that all the agents had tremendous respect for her, and the way she conducted the bidding process left me admiring her skills and experience coming to bear on the deal. She had total confidence, knew how to
  deal with the situation, had all the required paperwork confirmed, was kind and caring to the parties involved, and got the best deal for us. We were impressed. Now that the sale of our house has completed, and we are well settled in our new place (again, thanks to Sylvia and her team - Dianne helped find our new home), we are all really glad we chose Sylvia as our agent. Actually, we consider her part of our family." Amar & Rekha Sharma 




"Sylvia was very understanding from the very beginning and was always so responsive to my questions. This is the home where my wife and I raised our family and after 40 years in Unionville it was hard to leave this beautiful home. Sylvia was very sensitive to this and I will always appreciate her caring approach and professional management of the sale of our home. Her lifelong commitment to this special neighbourhood I believe made a big difference and I am thankful to have worked with Sylvia." Alvin Winston FFrench 

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