How to Make the Most Out of Your House Hunting!

There are many things to consider when house hunting. Here’s a checklist to help you with the process:

The Landscaping

  • appearance of the trees, bushes, shrubs etc.

The Exterior of the Home

  • roof, downspouts, eavestroughs etc.
  • brick, wood, aluminum etc.
  • the foundation
  • the size of the lot
  • driveway space (private or shared)
  • number and type of parking spaces
  • the sizes of the front, rear and side yards
  • the patio(s) and pool (if any)

The Interior of the Home


  • size and layout
  • closet space

Living Room:

  • size and layout
  • fireplace (if any)

Dining Room:

  • size and layout
  • separate room or open concept


  • size and layout
  • eat-in area, island, pantry etc.


  • size, layout and number


  • size, type (ensuite, powder room) and number


  • size and layout
  • finished, unfinished, In-Law Suite
  • Utility/storage area

Don’t forget to have the plumbing, heating and air conditioning, insulation, electrical outlets, sewer or septic system etc. checked out by a professional inspector.

Lastly, find out if you’ll be close to: parks, shopping areas, schools, restaurants, medical offices, recreation centres, golf courses, ball parks, arenas etc. libraries, places of worship and so on.

Happy house hunting!